Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Blues Decor

Easter will soon be here,  and as I think of all the families
that will be getting together for their holiday festivities,
I'm once again reminded how much I will miss not being able
to be with my Mom and sister again :( 
Before they both moved away I had many 
Easter celebrations at my home.  
 We always had so much fun, and lots of laughter.
 I REALLY miss that...

On a lighter note...
I had a garage sale over the last weekend. 
 I made myself a promise that what did not sell,
would NOT go back in my storage room and I would donate. 
(Okay, just a couple of things did;)
Well that turned out to be two truck loads!
Mind you this was an acumulation of close to thirty years of stuff.
So it was long overdue! 
Besides I needed the space to keep some of the new pretties I found recently,  
like this blue and white transferware platter and bunny with blue hand painting on it!
together with my collection of cobalt blue glassware I put together this sweet little Easter display. 
I hope it makes you smile like it did me:)

  Some other recent treasures that I've acquired.
are these cobalt blue and white
Lomonosov Russian porcelain teacups and saucers.
I thought they were so pretty and unique!
 I had never before seen Russian china until now.

Well dear friends,
I hope you enjoy your Easter holiday with your loved ones!
...and even if you can't be together with them this time,
I hope find something to do that makes you smile!

Many blessings to you, and thanks for visiting!!
Hugs, Sherri:-)

I'll be joining Sherry for her
Cindy for


Sue said...

Sherri- I LOVE all of your blue! You know I have a soft spot for blue and white, right? That platter is gorgeous- what a sweet little village scene. And all those cobalt blue bottles and dishes look so pretty with it and the new bunny. Two truckloads, huh? It is amazing what we accumulate! I purged big time several summers ago and honestly, I could still kick myself for giving most of it away. I was going through a "contemporary phase" and I pitched all my "French country" stuff, as well as my cute holiday decorations. What WAS I thinking?! C'est la vie, I guess. Enjoy Easter with your family. Dan is not coming home from CA- who knows when we'll see him next. hugs, Sue

Blondie's Journal said...

You are a brave girl, Sherri! It would take a year or two for me to go through our basement to organize a garage sale {maybe I should just stick price tags on things and have the sale IN the basement!!}. I can see why you collect blue and white, it's timeless and pretty. I love all of your pieces!

I will be missing a lot of my family this year, too and it is the first Easter without my Dad. But my kids are here and that makes me happy to no end!


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Sherri, I love all your blue and white. So pretty! And those Russian teacups are so pretty, especially so because they don't match perfectly. I love that! The quilt you have under the tray has all the colors I love. Wishing you a blessed Easter weekend. Tammy

June said...

Hi Sherri,
You always have the prettiest blue and whites...and this little bunny is so lovely. t makes the perfect Easter vignette. I really loved the vintage bunny print in your last post too. I have a thing for rabbits! You and I have the same little brown and white pitcher. DOn't you love it?
I want to wish you a Happy Easter dear friend!
sending hugs

Karen said...

Very pretty. Blue and white is so classic. Thanks for stopping by.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Sherri, I also love blue and white and I have a small collection myself. Your pieces are beautiful. I would have loved coming to your garage sale.

My family is scattered all over the US and I also miss spending holidays together. I hope you have a happy Easter.

Gypsy Heart said...

Love the blues! Such beautiful pieces...

I have no idea how you managed a garage sale of that size. I know you feel so much "lighter" ~ at least that's the way it makes me feel when I get rid of things. Congrats on your hard work!

Hope you have a beautiful week my so deserve it.

Linda said...

Blue and white dishes have to be my favorties...yours are so pretty!!

Have a great day!!

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