Sunday, February 21, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday- Sometimes good things come your way!

It may not happen often but occasionally something good comes your way! 
When it comes after a long period of difficulties in life it can be just the thing to
lift your spirits...
Theres nothing quite like finding a great bargain to excite me,
and recently I found a couple of REALLY GREAT ones! 

This one was my VERY favorite kind of bargain....
 I got this beautiful 4 poster headboard and footboard that my neighbors no longer wanted.  Sure it had a few scratches and was missing a finial at the top of the post on the footboard and there were no side rails. 
But come on they just tossed this gorgeous thing out into the cold! 
Can you believe it?!
 I guess sometimes it's just easier to throw something out
than to take the time to sell it or fix it...  
To those people I say
I'll be happy to fix up those discards, and turn them into treasures! 
(well some of them anyway).

Here it is in the back of the truck looking all muddy and cruddy.
Poor thing!
Another look (before)...

I just got a damp rag and wiped all down thoroughly then after it was good and dry I rubbed it lightly with some extra fine steel wool.   
Then wiped on some matching stain/polyurethane with a clean soft cloth.

...and Voila!!  Good as new!!

I've already put the headboard in my guest room,
you know the one I already did a little mini makeover on.
Well as you might have guessed I'm redoing it again. 
Still haven't yet decided what to do with the footboard...I've been combing Ebay hoping to find a matching finial to replace the the broken one,  or maybe I might just replace all four finials.
But so far I'm just thrilled to have this beautiful headboard!! 
 For FREE!!!
Here's a sneak peak of it in the guest room...

I'm thinking about possibly even painting both headboard and footboard in a creamy white or maybe a different darker stain color.... 
Hmmm decisions, decisions.
I'll be sure to let you know when I get it all figured out lol!!

I've already moved on to refinishing my kitchen cabinets!! Ha! 
I've been feeling like my old self (I mean younger self) lately... full of energy!

The other bargain I got was a beautiful piece of furniture on Craigslist! 
It wasn't  "Free" 
but pretty darned close!
Stay tuned I'll be showing it soon!

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Have a great week!!
Sherri :)
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