Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Arabian Flower" Tablescape

Hi everyone!
Wow, I can't believe how fast the last couple of weeks have flown by! 
Actually the whole month!
My Mom and I had lots of FUN during her visit just like I knew we would! 
Well that is after I got past the initial shock of the surprise arrival! 

When she got here I had just gotten in the shower to start getting ready to go out for dinner with my in-laws to celebrate my birthday, when I here knocking at the bathroom/bedroom door.  
Thinking it was my hubby I go to the door looking something like a cross between a scarecrow and a drown rat!  Open up the door ready to bite my hubby's head off for the persistent knocking, thinking what the heck is the problem! 
There stands my Mom :-0  
Thank goodness I was at least covered with a towel!!! 
Can you imagine my shock?!!  and hers too!! LOL!

Anyway, once the shock wore off and I finished getting myself put together we all went out for dinner and had a great time!  
I couldn't have "wished" for a nicer birthday
and I didn't even have to blow out any candles!!

During the rest of Mom's visit we mostly shopped till we dropped!! Which unfortunately doesn't take much time for either of us these days! 
She spoiled me rotten with many wonderful birthday gifts,
and a girls day at the beauty salon!
We also went out to lunch nearly everyday which was also such a treat for me! 
Even though it was a bit challenging for me diet wise,
  but I did pretty good by sticking mostly to salads. 
We really had a great time!  It's too bad that it flew by much too fast though.
But I'm soooo grateful for the time we got to spend together!!!

Now... I just couldn't wait to share this
fun colorful, casual tablescape with you but I'm getting it posted LATE as I've been having trouble loading my pics,  Blogger keeps changing the format on me...
and I guess I'm a slow learner!!
These colorful hand painted plates are made by 222 Fifth, the pattern is called Arabian Flower. I thought they looked like Fall, Halloween, and French Country all rolled into one!  

The plaid woven placemats you might recognize from my last post... They are actually napkins that I folded and pressed into placemat size... tricky aren't I! 

If you were wondering what that not so yummy looking treat in the bowls happens to be.... Well, it may not look delicious but it's potpourri that really smells of delicious pumpkin spice!

These cute lil cabbage candle holders with golden yellow candles I used next to my yellow ware mixing bowl filled with this colorful arrangement of Lantana that I borrowed from my neighbors bush, along with this pomegrante filled matching yellow stoneware dish with sunflower accents on each end that I bought at Marshalls a few years ago.

The deep red stemware look almost black, but either color would make a nice compliment to the place setting I think?! 
Of course a couple of french country pear candleholders were just the ticket as well!

I really love mixing patterns, like these damask "Waverly" napkins
 with the other napkins... I mean placemats;)
The black iron scroll napkin rings were T/S finds and seemed like a nice match with the plates and the french country feel.

....and of course you know a french country tablescape just would
not be complete without what else but?    
This one is made by Bluesky.

 I'm linking up with
even though I know I'm running a bit late...

Well I hope your October has been fun! 
I'm so glad you stopped by!
I always love visiting and sharing with you!!!

XOXO,  Sherri:-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday~and Blog Break to Spend with a Surprise Visitor!

I got a most wonderful surprise for my birthday! 
My Mom flew out and came a knocking at my door totally unexpectedly!   
Can you believe it?!!
 I'm sooo happy to see her,  it has been sooo long!!
She will be here for about a week or so, and were going to be busy having

But I just had to share the news with you, before a take a blogging break,
cuz you know how much I've been missing her!

I also wanted to share this little Fall tabletop vignette with you first...
I found this silver plated dish at G/W, it was heavily tarnished but I was sure it was a going to be a treasure once I cleaned and polished it up! 

My eyes opened wide like a kid in a candy store as I polished it to reveal the beautiful shiny design beneath all that tarnish!!

Update... for those of you interested, I use Wright's Silver Cream
to polish my silver. It comes with a little sponge inside,
and apparently its also good for a lot of other uses too!
You can go "here"  to find out.

I added this wonderful smelling harvest potpourri (Ross) and pumpkin spice candles(Kohls) on this set of my sterling candlesticks, and favorite Fitz and Floyd rooster all on top this colorful orange and green plaid napkin to really make it pop! 

I'm linking up with Marty's
Stop by there if you can for some creative inspiration!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
I'm sure I will!!

Hugs to you!  Sherri:)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guestroom Makover with lil help from a Friend!

Some of you may remember the guest room I started working on with the inspiration from a bedspread/quilt made for me by my Mother. 
Well it came to a stand still for awhile until recently when
Dawn from
Cottage State of Mind 
happened to notice from a snippet of the quilt in a prior post and said
"hey I have some of that same fabric"
and that she basically hadn't figured out what to do with it yet.

Well, it turns out that I had an excellent idea for it !!

 I had been thinking that I really needed some
matching pillow shams to go with that quilt that my had Mom made for me.
I had even called Mom to see if she had any leftover fabric, but unfortunately she
didn't, and of course it was no longer available in the store as well. 

So after reading Dawn's comment I sent her an e-mail to inquire about her fabric and told her the story about the quilt, that needed shams.  
and offered to buy the fabric if she wasn't going to use it.

Her being the sweet gal that she is, came right to the rescue and said,
  "You can have it"!
"I'd much rather see it go to good use than sit around here another couple of years"! 

I wasn't in any hurry for it either,
but she jumped right on it and it was at my door the next day!!! 
I was stunned!!
YOU are such a ANGEL Dawn! 
... and I'm ordering you a lil thank you gift for being SOOO SWEET!

I got the shams all made and then I transformed a seat cushion with an embroidered crewel design into a throw pillow...
Much better don't ya think?!

The seat cushion was a T/S find for a $1.50!  I took it apart removed the old worn out stuffing, washed it by hand then cut it into a rectangle and sewed and restuffed it with new pillow batting!

I also found an incredible floral arrangement at a local T/S for under 5 bucks!! 
All it need was a little sprucing up.

I cleaned up the flowers and then layered on a little acrylic paint antiquing medium with a sponge to the planter,
 followed by a little beige and and off white paint to bring out the design.
Here it is after... on top my antique trunk, along with some other pretties I shopped around the house for!

Like everything in my house... this room is it's still a work in progress!! 
 I hope you enjoyed the tour for now though!

Thanks again to Dawn for her generosity and inspiring me to get back to doing the things I love most!!

Hope you are having a nice weekend! 

Love you all!!  Hugs and kisses!! 

Hey,  I took this photo in the bathroom...
So does that qualify me to be a Bathroom Diva too?!
Guess I'd better give a shout over to Sheila at NoteSongs to see!!
Sherri ;-)
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