Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blue, Mosaic Monday~ Blue and Yellow

Hi! and thanks for visiting me today for a double event!
Mosaic Monday and Blue Monday!

Please be sure to visit our two following creative hosts for a list of all the other participants.
Mary @Little Red House for Mosaic Monday and
Sally @ Smiling Sally for Blue Monday.

I really enjoy creating these mosaics or (collages) whatever you prefer to call them...
I think this is gonna be my favorite weekly event!! and how lucky that this week it works for Blue Monday too!
I hope everyone's week is getting off to a good start! I already know that mine is because I just heard the weather forecast...
a pleasant 83 degrees!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flaunt Your Red~Bettye Boop /Watermelon Checkerboard

Hi blogging friends! !
This months Flaunt Your Red party is being hosted by Stacey at
Poofing the Pillows

This event is one of my favorites because I have alot of red colors in my home.
I hope you like a little fun and whimsy!!
This watermelon checkerboard was one of first wood crafts projects I did using a jigsaw a checkerboard stencil.
Nothing says summer quite like watermelon,
and a cute bowl of fruit!
(I know it's not actually summer yet, but it sure feels like it here today, at a sweltering 98 degrees)!!
The rooster pitcher and matching napkin holder I bought at Ross.

This Betty Boop cookie jar is one of my prized possessions!
I originally bought and gave it to my Mom after she was given the nickname Betty Boop.
Mom got many Betty Boop gifts from people at the height of the
Betty Boop craze,
but when she was ready for a change of decor she asked me if I would like to have it back, I said....
but of course!!

I have a thing for cute tins too!!
Especially ones with red on them and a vintage theme!
The lids on tins like these below could also be used as a deorative plate on a plate stand or holder.
You could also use them to make a wall display of several lids,
and... they're even already to hang!!

I just couldn't pass up these adorable Fitz and Floyd tumbling piggies!

Well, it was soooo sweeeet of you to drop by and take peek
at some of my favorite fun red things today!!
I hope they made you smile!!

Have a fun Flaunt Your Red Friday!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tablescape Thursday~Fruit and Flowers

Welcome to Tablescape Thursday!
Today's event is hosted by
sweet Susan at
For a list of all participants please visit her blog!

I'm calling this my fruit and flowers tablescape.
Close up of centerpiece.
Click on all photos for real closeups!
The dishes are "Garden Path 073" pattern by
Classic Settings/ International China.
The napkins have a fruit design on them and are made by Waverly.

Majolica fruit pattern plates are thrift store treasures,
and the majolica hen purchased at Ross.
The pear candlesticks were bought at a local gift store. I hope you enjoyed your visit, it always a pleasure to have you!!!
Please come again soon!

and have a lovely Tablescape Thursday!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday~Secret Garden

Hello friends! and thanks for stopping by for another
Outdoor Wednesday.
Hosted by Susan at
Please be sure to visit her blog for a list of all very creative participants!
When I first bought the bulb for this peony plant, the picture on the package showed a very full and much more ruffly, lighter shade of pink flower than what it actually turned out to be.

The yellow iris are in full bloom here, and I have garlic chives planted inside the old garden cart that I also painted "HERBS" on the side of it. I built the tower shaped pergola with a birdhouse on the top after seeing one in a magazine that I thought was really cute!
In the past I have also planted a tomato plant inside it . It makes a much better support than a regular tomato cage does.

It's still pretty, but not what I expected.

Be sure to click on any of the photos for close up shots!!

Below is the view from the opposite end, where you can see that one of my rose bushes is beginning to bloom and is smiling up at the morning sun.

The lilacs in the background are just beginning
to hoo!!
I wish it could be spring all year long!

Well friends that's all for today.
Thanks sooo much for stopping by to visit!
Have a wonderful
Outdoor Wednesday!

These are photos I took several weeks ago of my little secret garden on the side of my house just outside the master bedroom.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday~ Squirrels Vogue!

Hi!! all you sweet bloggin friends out there!
It's Outdoor Wednesday time again!

First I'd just like to thank Melissa @ Melissa's Heart and Home, and Barb @ Bella Vista for so kindly helping me solve my tech problem.
The problem I was having, was getting pics to enlarge when you click on them.
Well, it turns out that the program will automatically do it for you, that is... IF you do NOT move your pics around once you've uploaded them!! (or what is also called "dragging and dropping").
Apparently this dragging and dropping messes up the linkage to the enlarged pics...
Which of course is what I've been doing on almost every post!!
But I'm so glad to have the mystery solved now!
With Melissa and Barb's help
and an article I discovered right after they let me know, that all you had to do was just upload the pics and it would enlarge without having to do anything else.
So to all you other rookies out there, don't drag and drop if you want your pics to enlarge!!
Okay! on with today's event!
You see it was especially important for today's event, to be able to see the pics up close or you probably wouldn't be able to see the little critter in the tree that I took photos of in my backyard!
Now call me crazy, but when I saw this first pic, it was as if that little critter was saying to me
"What are you lookin at"!
...and well that made me think of the beginning of Madonna's song "Vogue" and the rest of the lyrics make me think of all you inspiring, creative, and talented ladies (and gents too) out there!
(Vogue background music now removed)
So strike a pose, there's nothing to it!

Come on, Vogue!!
I can almost see ya out there dancing in your chair's!
Just go with the flow!

Thanks for visiting me and my little squirrelly friend!
Hope you had a little fun, and maybe got your creative juices flowing for that next blog you're workin on!

Oh, and don't forget to pop over to Susan's @
A Southern Daydreamer
and check out her awesome blog and I'm sure you'll just go nuts over the other paticipants entries too!

Have a fun day!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Outdoor TT ~Cherries and Peonies Tablescape

I'm having a double event here today!!
It's a Tablescape Thursday on an Outdoor Wednesday!

"Outdoor Wednesday"hosted by Susan@
A Southern Daydreamer
Please visit her and the other participants!

"Tablescape Thursday"
hosted by Susan @
Between Naps On The Porch
Participants will be listed on Thurs. So please be sure and visit Susan and the other participants then!
I tried for several days to get these photos. First the lighting wasn't right and had to wait till the next day. Then it was windy the next day and had to bring most of it in and wait till the next day, again. Then the day after that was overcast when I finally got these photos, and they still didn't really turn out the way I'd hoped, but they will have to do.
So I figured after all that trouble I could at least use them for two events. I guess I actually could have used them for Blue Monday for too!

This table setting kinda reminds me of Mary Engelbreit with a french twist.

You might remember this favorite little rooster pitcher of mine from a previous post...
I just added some fresh daisies and greenery from the yard.

This blue and white china is...

...and they were a thrift store find!
I also just discovered that the china is still available at 
they also had some adorable serving pieces too!
Unfortunately not at thrift store prices though:(

The colorful vintage tablecloth with cherries on it, the blue glass bunny jar, the blue serving dish, and the honey and preserves jars were all thrift store finds!

My mom- in- law gave me the blue polka dot glasses as a token of appreciation when my husband and I helped her with some packing when she was moving across town.

You can see some of the backyard here,
 although it's over cast outside and very shaded by the pine trees.
So my little backyard party turned out to be more like a
"Chair full of Bowlies"
instead of a Bowl full of Cherries
But I'm sure I'll
"Snap Out Of It"
(Mary Engelbreit quotes)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blue Monday ~ Taylor & Ng Collection

Happy Blue Monday!
Todays event is of course hosted by Sally @
Please be sure to visit her and the list of other paticipants to see all their bluetiful things they have to share today!
Today I would like to share with you, my little collection of
Taylor & Ng stoneware.
I already had the coffee mugs shown below, when I discovered this baking dish with the cobalt blue glaze at a local antiques shop.
When I looked inside it and discovered the booklet with the Taylor and Ng insignia I got really excited.
I had never seen any other pieces of theirs except the coffee mugs!
Speaking of the mugs... here they are!
They come in other colors, which I also have too, but I'm only showing the blue one's for todays theme. My mom gave me my first mug, the "Le Lapin" and of course I loved it because of the french words and the rabbit on it, but little did I know the real reason she gave it to me was to see if I would notice what those naughty little bunnies were doing in the background!

See what I mean!!
This mug has of course become my husbands favorite mug! He likes to use it as a signal to let me know... well you know!!!
Hmmm....I've seen these sell for a pretty penny on ebay.
I think maybe I'll sell it!
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