Monday, March 28, 2011

Tufted Chair & Ottoman/ with Spring Pillow

It's been a long week of of dreary weather...
But I think Spring may have finally arrived! 
Sunny days and warmer temps are in the forecast for this week!
Lately I've just fallen crazy in love with tufted furniture.
So you can imagine how lucky I felt when I found this sweet chair and ottoman  recently at an estate sale.

I won't tell you how much I got it for because you'd probably never believe
So I just won't tell you ;-)
I love it's very frenchy curved lines and cream colored jacquard fabric.
But of course it just had to have little color!
So, as luck would have it again,
I found two beautiful floral napkins at my local thrift shop
and thought they were just what this chair needed.  
 One I used to drape over the back in a triangular direction to
show off the Springy looking tulips!
The other I decided would make a great pillow in a rectangular shape. 

It couldn't have been any easier!
Just folded the napkin it in half right side together and did a quick machine stitch around the edges, then left an opening to insert the batting,
then hand stitched the opening closed using a
"blind stitch". 
I gotta tell ya, that sewing term has taken on a whole new meaning for me!!

I also got this lovely silver teapot that looks oh so sweet
on my favorite silver tray I showed you recently. 

They have both found a new home here on the ottoman along with some pretty Camellias I picked from the front yard.

Here's a look at the curved back... Ooo la la!

Well friends,
I've got sooo many Spring projects I want and need to do,
I'd better get busy, busy, busy!!

Hope everyone has a great week filled with lots of sunny Spring weather!

Hugs, kisses, and sunny wishes!


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Monday, March 21, 2011

It Never Rains In California... But Man It Pours!!!

We've had a very stormy welcome to spring here in Northern California!
Boo Hoo!!!

We've already had several days of drenching rain along with a night
of howling winds.....and there is more to come!

When I heard there was more on the way I knew I had to do something quick
to bring a little sunshine indoors to get me through it!!
While there was a brief break in the weather,
I went out in the backyard to pick some oranges from our tree...

Here is our tree...
The oranges are ripe, ready and SO juicy and sweet this year! 

In my humble opinion California oranges are

I just had to pick some and bring them in and make some
delicious fresh squeezed juice!

See me picking them here in my cute little outfit?!!  Tee hee!

While it's storming it might be a good time to go to the Mall
to look for a new pair of shoes ;)

I also brought in some daisies that are in bloom in the backyard and put them in these jars inside my wire basket to help keep my mood sunny during all this rain.
Also put some of my beautiful oranges in a bowl beside my cute green colored glass vintage citrus juicers...
Of course I actually used my electric juicer to juice the oranges though...
I also like my juice pulp free so I use stainer as well!

Just in case the daisies and oranges aren't enough
to get me through the stormy weather...

I had my hubby to build this hot air balloon from one of my oranges,
so we can fly out of here until the storms have passed!!

If you're having sunny skies where you live,
would you mind if we drop in for a visit?!!

Hugs,  Sherri:)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Irish Green with a Frenchy Theme

When decorating a room,
creating an inspiration board is a great way to help you
put together a mood for the look you're trying to achieve. 
Even though you most likely won't be able find everything
from your board for your room,
you can get a good start.

Green is not only the color we think of around St. Patricks day but,
it's also the ultimate color of nature. 
Green also acts as a soothing neutral for virtually every color scheme,
and it works in virtually every room of your home.  

I've collected photos of some things that I'd be delighted
to have in a room decorated in of green.
I've also added a mix of creamy whites
and rich wood tones as well!
This first gorgeous green velvet button tufted ottoman out in front
was the my first piece of inspiration! 
Ooo la la!

These gorgeous decorative pillows from
would accent the sofa above beautifully!

More green velvet on this frenchy chair with a lovely patterned design!

I found this wonderful print entitled "Vogue 1909"
on a website with tons of gorgeous free vintage prints.

This print also compliments the pillows above carrying on the peacock motiff...
Click "HERE" to find this print and many more!

How about a very cool and unique green velvet screen accented
with upholstery nail heads.

This pair of elegant vases would look wonderful on top
this very frenchy commode below!
Last but not least look at this incredible chandy with green beaded shades,
crystals, and hanging tassels!
Now after putting all my inspiration photos together I think you can really
get a feel for what this room would look like. 

I hope you had a little fun with this idea and will try it doing one of your own. 
I know I always seem to be dreaming of that next decorating project! 
This is a fun way to do it and not spend a dime!! lol!

Now go get your 

          GREEN on...
and have a GREAT St. Patty's day!!


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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Bloomin Almond Orchard

Our almond orchard is in bloom again so SPRING is just around the corner!
It was a bee-utiful day when I took these photos,
but just a few short days later a FREEZE WARNING was being forecasted!
Definitely NOT what you want to hear at this time!

When the trees are in bloom we basically hold our breath and pray for good weather.
Too much rain or cold or wind will keep the bees from leaving the hives to pollinate.
They need plenty of warm sunny weather to do their thing!

But a FREEZE could destroy your whole crop!

The early variety was in full bloom
while the later varieties were only about half way or so.

Look at the bloom on this baby!! 
I always think of the blossoms as being pink but actually
the buds are white and the center of the flower is pinkish.
Above you can see one of the sets of hives on the right in this photo...
Black plastic tarp is used to cover them so the bees will stay warmer and
more productive. 

Well I think we escaped the dreaded freeze for now...
My hubby has a little test he does to check for freeze damage. 
He splits open the base of the blossom where the nut is formed, 
if it has turned black then it's all BAD!!
But... so far so good!!
Now we just pray all else goes well for the rest of the year...

Thanks for coming by!!

 Hugs, Sherri:)

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