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Tablescape and Thrifty Thursday~ Silver Trayscape


Thanks for joining me today for
Tablescape Thursday hosted
by the sweet Miss Susan at
Between naps on the Porch and
Thrifty Thursday
hosted by those sweet thrifty gals,
from Tales From Bloggeritaville.
This sterling silver tray I had stored away in a trunk.
I decided I would get it out today and polish it up to make this
strawberry sundae desert by candlelight trayscape.
I almost forgot how much I love silver!
I went through a silver collecting phase a few years back, and when the phase ran it's course I thought about selling alot of it.
But since it seems like every time I sell or donate things
"usually back to where they came from" ha!
I usually regret it later on down the line.

So instead I'm constantly trying to keep things organized. I often buy things that will double as storage for all my treasures!
Picnic baskets are great for that, hat boxes, even my Mora grandfather clock has 3 compartments for storage!
Of course I have a tendency to forget where I've stored things and then wonder if I sold it in the last garage sale or donated it!
Anyway, all the goodies here are thrift store treasures, with the exception of the silver vase. I bought it at an antique store. It wasn't exactly a bargain, but I loved it and had to have it!!
The candle holders in the background you might remember from my last thrift store shopping spree!
The floral sachets were also in the trunk, so I added them too the tray to give it a bit of a Victorian look.

Yes that's real desert there folks!!
OMgosh, you wouldn't believe the big beautiful strawberries we bought the other day!
Of course they were so gorgeous I had to take pictures of them!
I just love fresh strawberries on vanilla ice cream.
It was just such a shame to that after I had taken several photos of the tray,
I realized that I had forgotten to light the candles,
and the ice cream was melting fast!
So you know a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!
Yep, stop and eat the ice cream and then start over, of course!
Then do it all over again after the second try!

Well, I hope ya'll enjoyed takin a peek at my little Victorian desert tray,
as much as enjoyed putting it together!

May your day be as sweet as that strawberry sundae was!!
Bye for now!!


Robin said...

This is delightful Sherri!
This is my first time visiting and your blog-home is adorable.
I so love the silver and the little pink bordered plate is scrumptious~
All Things Heart and Home

The Stylish House said...

Hi Sherri,
On this rainy morning you put a smile on my face by sharing this beautiful vignette. I especially love your silver vase and the way you have arranged everything on your tray. I have been kicking myself for getting rid of a bunch of silver pieces, because I thought of a couple neat ideas for projects. Lately, I have been scouting around thrift stores to replace them. If you don’t mind could I drop by your place, take a swim in your pool and lay out in your sunshine for a few hours? I will bring something delicious for lunch. Cathy

Michelle said...

Sherri, this is really sweet! I'm glad you've kept your silver, it's really pretty! The tray is really great and I would have splurged on the vase too!

Carrie said...

Very, very elegant. The ice cream sundae looks yummy!

Sherrie said...

Hi Sheri,
Beautiful! I really like those candlesticks in the background. And the pink tulle really adds elegance to the tray! Have a great day!!


Chari said...

Hi Sherri...

Oooh...your dessert tray is fabulous, my friend! Of course, I'm a "silver" have some really beautiful pieces! That vase is exquisite!!! This tray is decorated so beautifully...from the pretty floral sachets packets, pink toule, beautiful flowers...right down to the romantic candlelight! Well done, my friend...and that ice cream with the strawberries atop looks mmmmm...yummy!!!

Warmest wishes,

marty39 said...

What a gorgeous tray. I love all the silver, I have a lot too and I keep pulling it out once in a while just like you. You have created a beautiful dessert tray, just so lovely. Hugs, Marty

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Sherri, oh, it is so lovely!! So graceful and elegant. I love silver also and the way you have the flatware tied with the netting is fabulous! Very it all.

Hugs, Barb

Cathy said...

Oh Sherri...this is a little slice of heaven!!! I love the silver...I would never part with any of it!!! You have created such a beautiful little tray with the ice crean and the flowers and the candles. Oooohhh...I love it!!!

Enjoy the day!!!

ellen b said...

Sherri! Love your combo post. All my tablescapes can qualify for thrifty too! Girl the bit about eating the ice cream is so funny!! Your Victorian dessert tray is great!

Janie's World said...


I love your silver! That vase is to die for! Everything looks elegant and so pretty! Love the touch of tulle!

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Beautiful tablescape. So elegant and inviting. I love the silver! The strawberries look so delicious!

Thanks for sharing


Lorna ~ Lace and Ivy Cottage said...

I love your Victorian dessert tray! I have collected quite a bit of silver, too. People just seem to get rid of them in every thrift shop. I keep mine out though and try to use it around the house so I could see and appreciate them. I have a similar tray that I put in my music room. I just set some books on top and some flowers and it made a nice vignette. I really like your napkin holder, too!

niartist said...

ooooo - I LOVE LOVE LOVE dessert, and this is just right in line with what I'm craving - a FANTASTIC desert, on a DIVINE looking tray with the PERFECT presentation! A+ Great job!

Blondie's Journal said...


This is a wonderful idea for a tablescape!! So pretty. All of the silver is just stunning!! I love all the detail on the tray handles as well as the vase (I can see why you splurged on the vase~it's fabulous!).

The sundae looks delish!! Do you have a sauce on it?? It is making me have a sweet craving!

Have a great day, my friend! :-)


June said...

Oh Sherri, this is such a lovely post. I love all of your silver and am so glad that you kept it. I love silver. I laughed about the fact that you like to have things serve a purpose such as storage. That is me too but like you I always forget that I have stored something in them and what the heck it is.

Chandy said...

Beautiful, beautiful table! I love all the pieces you used...

Happy Thursday!

Kirby3131 said...

I sold nearly all of my silver that I'd collected at an auction. It was fast and quick that way LOL I still have two sets of silverware though - just couldn't part with them.

I use several trays around my home to keep things together and tidy. I'm glad you found a good use for your silver tray - it's beautiful.

Christina said...

Really beautiful "tray"scape. : ) I love the silver. I think about getting rid of the little I have from time to time, but it still is so fun to pull out.

Love the silver vase and your dessert looks delish!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Sherri, that is so elegant, romantic, and pretty. I can see why you had to have that vase-it's gorgeous! Loved your story about the ice cream melting! laurie

LdyDy said...

Hi Sherri1
I just love your silver pieces...the napkin holder is beautiful.
The vase is also beautiful. As for the ice cream and strawberries...well...that tops it all off! Perfect presentation! Huggy Hugs!

Kim said...

I love your silver desert tray! And I love, love, love the silver vase. Totally worth what ever you paid. I would have probably eaten the ice cream & strawberries twice too.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Romantic. Divine. Classy. Elegant.
So many wonderful descriptions for such a great tablescape and thrifty post!
Well done, Shelli!
Sincere thanks for joining Thrifty Thursday!

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