Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poolside Pigeon?

I've lived here for almost three decades and 
I've seen many different visitors drop by to visit our pool,
but this is the first time I've had a pigeon stop by...
But is it really a pigeon? Or is it a dove? 

Hey Lady what are you looking at?  Wait a minute, is that a camera?  COOL!

Now I knew there has been a pair living in my yard for some time now,
because I've seen and heard them in the large pine tree behind my pool 
always making there cute little cooing sounds. 

 All this time I've been calling them doves.  

So I ask you... What is the difference between a dove and a pigeon??
Well I a word... none! 
They are literally the same thing!
I don't get it! One in the same? 
So why is it that pigeons get such a bad rap, 
and not doves???
and why don't they call them ALL either doves or pigeons?


When I first saw this pretty dove/pigeon (whatever) I thought no way will I be able get my camera in time to get a pic of it before it flies away....
But suprise, suprise,
not only did I get there in time
but it let me get so close to it
I think it might have let me pick it up if I had tried.
Of course I didn't actually try to though!  

I was cracking up because I think it was actually posing for me!

How funny!

Hey lady...what'a ya mean funny! Dont ya mean cute?!  Alright, now thats enough picture taking... you can go now, I think I might take a swim!

Okay, Okay!!  I'm going!!

As you can see... it takes very little to entertain me
Have a great day! 

Oh and be sure to stop by Susan's at "A Southern Daydreamer"
Outdoor Wednesday
after your visit here!
Hugs, Sherri :-)


Sue said...

Strange little guy to hang out even so long- especially since you didn't feed him. Usually they are your best pal once you give them a snack. Maybe this guy was just lonely....
What a silly little joke, Sherry! hugs, Sue

Blondie's Journal said...

What a pretty little lady!! She WAS posing for you!! I have always heard that pigeons are dirty because they carry germs...but it's not like they are SWIMMING in your pool!


Linda said...

We have mourning doves in our yard and they sound and look different from pigeons. They both nest in the same spot every year. A couple of pigeons wouldn't be's when you get a ton that kills the mood. Very cute post! You put a smile on my face today:0)

Dawn said...

What a cute post. She was definately a Diva pigeon! We put our pool in two years ago outside my kitchen window. I've been surprised to see many birds standing on the side then take a quick sort of "fly by dive". Don't know if they're drinking, bathing or just having fun!

June said...

Sherri I adore you little visitor. I have them here too. They hang out on the power line that is close to my driveway. Mine are mourning doves and their sound is so sad sounding sometimes. They are such gentle birds.

JO said...

wow, perfect timing for you. I couldn't get a shot like that, they always fly away on me.

~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~

Anonymous said...

Pigeons are in the dove "classification" and are called Rock Doves. I was curious myself a couple of years ago and looked it up. :o)

Really cute pictures.

Colleen (in Toronto, Canada)

Anonymous said...

Pigeons are of the dove "classification" and named Rock Doves. I was curious of this myself a couple of years ago and looked it up. :0)

Cute pictures.

Colleen (from Toronto, Canada)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Sherri, you got some great pix of her. she does look like she's posing! You have me curious about the pigeon/dove thing. laurie

The Stylish House said...

Simply amazing and what a pretty shade of blue!
Hugs, Cathy

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