Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Copper Coffee Pot Planter

The sun is out today and I think it's safe to say
that the June winter weather is finally over,
 and so is the awful flu bug I've had too...

I just went out to take a look around the yard...
Everything is looking so green after all the rain we've had. 
My two tomato plants I planted have grown over a foot in the last week,
and have several tomatoes on them!
It's already got me dreaming of fresh vine ripened tomato salsa! 

With all the wet weather and getting sick,
I'm so behind on getting things done around the house.
I've got to get busy and get caught up.

But before I get too busy...
 I just had to show you my latest treasure
I found at a very chic little resale boutique
called "La Bienveillance" 
(Well thats the french translation anyway) tee hee!

 some of you may already know that I have a thing for silver,
but maybe you didn't know that I also have a thing for copper.
So when I saw this unique copper coffee pot my excitement level went into overdrive!
Copper with silver...oh my!  Well actually it's pewter...
But pewter was once known as the poor man's silver back in the day. 

I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it but I was definitely sure
I had to add it to my collection!

After I had cleaned and polished what seemed like a century's
worth of tarnished crud off of it.
I decided to put it on top of this pewter plate that I already had.
Okay, I like it!
 Now hmm... what goes with a coffee pot?
 Uh coffee, of course!! 
So I filled a cute little apothecary jar with coffee beans
and placed it next to it on the kitchen counter
where my piggy planter had been,
for a bit more sophisticated frenchy look!  

Besides... I love re-arranging things to help keep my home feeling fresh!
 Here's the coffee pot without the plant so you can see the detail
and design a bit better...

I also like it next to this frenchy biscotti tin!

Well I'd love to stay and chat some more
but better scoot for now. 
I've got projects waiting to get done to show you!

 Hope you have a nice week, and thanks for stopping by!!

I'll be joining Marty for
"Tabletop Tuesday" and Kim for "Wow us Wednesday"
please stop by and say hello to them both and check out the
other participants for some great inspiration!


Poppy said...

Hi Sherri, hope you are feeling better now.Yeah,summer is finally here and I hope it stays sunny although it does rain once in a while.So that's good for the plants! I am loving your copper coffee pot... I've never seen such a pretty coffee pot before...especially with those pewter accents! Loved how you displayed it with those coffee beans in the apothecary jar and the frenchy tin. Lovely vignette! Have fun catching up on your projects. Can't wait to see them.~Poppy


Aledia said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling well again! Your coffe pot is adorable, Have a Plum Perfect week!

June said...

SHerri I an so sorry you have been sick! I hate being sick in the Winter but hate it even more this time of year. I really hope you are feeling better now.
I really do love that coffee pot. What a great find! It will be a piece you will use for so many things! I LOVED your beautiful table setting in your previous post. I love red so I loved it a lot!!!
hugs from here...

Olive Cooper said...

Oh it's wonderful and I like it better with the silver accents. Rest up and feel better. Please send rain to the south. Thanks so much for visiting me. hugs♥olive

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Sherri, I hope you're feeling better. Wonderful a treasure you found, I don't believe I've ever seen one. You've dolled it up even more with your beautiful plant.. hugs ~lynne~

Ana said...

Hi Sherri,
What a beautiful treasure you have found. Love your vignette and love the idea of the coffee beans in the apothecary jar. Sweet! Glad that you are feeling better now. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and Kisses,

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Sherri, I'm so sorry to find that you have been sick. I've missed you. Your coffee pot is so pretty, and I love that you planted it. That apothocary jar filled with coffee beans looks so pretty. Glad you're back. laurie

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