Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Farm Fresh Tablescape

I had been busy outdoors since my last post enjoying the wonderful  spring weather, planting tomatoes, pruning hedges and bushes, preparing to repaint the trim around the windows on the the south side of the house where the paint is cracked, peeling and in desperate need of new paint...  Well actually new windows,
but since that's not in the budget it will have to be just new paint for now...
I scraped and sanded till I thought my arms would fall off,
when mother nature decided to bring back some cold raining
winter like weather and brought everything to screeching halt.

My hands were actually ready for a break anyway, cuz they are
cracked and peeling now like the paint!!  
Too bad I can't just repaint them too and have them good as new again!
Instead I've been keeping them moisturized and protected till they are feeling better.

While they are healing and I'm waiting for nice weather to return I thought I'd share this tablescape that was inspired by a few new T/S treasures I found.
I found this white cow pitcher at my favorite out of town T/S "Deseret", and you know there's NO way I can pass up an adorable pitcher, lol! 
Plus I knew it would make a great addition to the white stoneware I've been collecting.
I added the little copper cow bell myself cuz, well I had one...
and a cow's gotta have a cow bell, right?!

Some of you may remember this oval rattan tray
I bought a while back at the local Goodwill, well can you believe I went back to the same G/W months later and found these matching chargers?!!
Happy dance!!
These white stoneware dishes I also found at G/W. 
I love the mixed patterns.
These green and white striped napkins are actually dishcloths from the dollar store!
They were just what I was looking for! 
They even came in a pack of two, so I got all four
of them for 2 bucks... happy dance again!

My lil fitz and floyd piggies wanted to join the fun!
They brought some radishes,
and I brought some garlic chives from my garden...
Crackled glass stemware for a bit of glitz,  just in case your in the moooo'd to celebrate with a bit of champagne with your brunch.
Cabbage candle holders to add to the theme.

Thats it folks, and guess what?  The sun is coming out as I type
The rest of the week is supposed to be nice weather so hopefully
I'll be painting by tomorrow after things have a chance to dry out today.

Thanks as always for stopping by to visit and
I hope your week is going well!

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Aledia said...

What a MOO-Arvelous Tablescape! :) Very cute indeed, I just love it!

June said...

You always do the best tablescapes Sherri. You must have the best G/W's on the planet. You always find the good goods! That little cow pitcher is too cute.
sending hugs from here...

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

I hope your hands are feeling some better now. We are also getting rain after 2 gorgeous Spring like days. Your table is darling. I adore your little pigs... they are just too darn cute. What a deal you got on your pitcher. hugs ~lynne~

Poppy said...

Love love love the cow pitcher... he looks so adorable and with the little bell around his neck... he looks so happy to be at your table. And I'm so loving the rattan serving tray in the center of the table.You are so lucky to find those matching rattan chargers, they are perfect for your brunch table. What a neat idea to use dishtowels for napkins!Yeah I agree with you as far as weather goes... it has been raining and so cold this whole spring.Good luck with your painting and I hope your hand gets better soon. Thank you for your sweet comment earlier. I love having you over.~Poppy

Sarah said...

Sherri, that little cow creamer would have followed me home too. It is perfect for your table. Great job! ~ Sarah

Sharlotte said...

Precious table! I love your pitcher with its bell! Your little FF tumble cows are too cute! Thanks so much for sharing!

Shirley said...

I love you center piece! I never saw a cow creamer that was sitting. Too cute!

Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Lovin' the cow bell, that's too cute! Also, how lucky to find the matching chargers! Gotta say those pigs are awfully cute too:@)

Miss Merry said...

Sun? What is this Sun? It has rained for 45 days in the last 54 here. I am glad you are able to enjoy the outdoors! And I sympathize with the aches and pains that go with it. I love your creamer and the tablescape to match. Isn't it fun to find things at GW - my favorite store!

Designs on 47th Street said...

Hi Sherri, How darling this is! So simple and sweet and well put together. That is fantastic that you found the tray and then matching chargers later! Must have definitely been YOUR day!! :)



Oh this is marvelous! I just love the white cow adorable! I love the lil'piggies, just too cute! I'm also at TT, BNOTP.
Lots of hugs.

Marigene said...

What a delightful table...white, brown and pops of green make me smile. Love your centerpiece.
Hope your hands heal, they sound very painful.

solicitors fife said...

Oval rattan tray! I planning to buy one, but not get from anywhere. I like your oval rattan tray, it is best for serve any stuffs.

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