Monday, August 16, 2010

Harvest Time ~ Mosaic Monday/Outdoor Wednesday

It's harvest time again folks! 
Hubby and I took a drive out our almond orchard a few days ago.  He wanted to show me how much the baby trees had grown already and also how large the almonds are this year.  So I brought along my camera and made this mosaic from the photos I took. 

I'm joining Mary (a little late) at the "Little Red House" for
Mosaic Monday.
Also I'll be joining Susan at "A Southern Daydreamer" for
Outdoor Wednesday.
 Please stop by to visit them both and the other participants after your visit here.

click on photo for a close up

While we were there we had a "deer" little visitor walking through the orchard...
Can you see it in the lower left photo? 
My hubby gets a bit cranky when the deer come in and eat the bark off his baby tree's.  See the white protectors at the bottom of the baby trees?  Those are to help protect the bark from ALL the critters that like to eat away at it. Jack rabbits love to eat it too!

That's my farmer hubby in the center photo standing next to one of his babies... he's so proud of this one that's already grown taller than him! 

Well we don't have a huge crop this year but the size of the almonds are huge! 
See the one I'm holding in my hand?
Thats from MY special tree
(the photo on the upper left)
... it was just a little twig and now it's gotten so big!

The Buttes (mountains) are golden brown now and there are all kinds of wild flowers growing alongside the road that look like cute little sunflowers to me...
So of course I had to get a photo of them too!

Well friends I hope you have a nice week! 
I truly feel for those of you who are dealing with heat waves where you are living.
After having the same here last year I remember how unbearable it was!
I'm so GRATEFUL this year we have had the most pleasant summer I can remember in a long time.

Hugs, Sherri :)


Sue said...

Oh what wonderful pictures of your trees, Sherri. "Your" special tree is pretty big! How long did it take to get to that size? Love that you caught the deer crossing the road in your photo. :-)
I'm looking forward to fall, it was a hot summer and my lawn has a fungus. I spent the day outside raking out the dead spots. I am the blight of the neighborhood. LOL I'll have to seed the bare spots and probably have to replace the entire boulevard between the sidewalk and the street. yuk I want cooler weather so the new grass will start growing. It's always something, huh? Take care, my friend. hugs, Sue

Sharing with Sherri said...

Oh Sue that's a good question! I think my special tree was planted about 5 or 6 years ago...

Sorry to hear about your lawn... My lawn has gotten those dead spots before too, I didn't know that was caused by a fungus...

Blondie's Journal said...


Your mosaic is beautiful...I love the deer crossing the road! The almonds look huge. Are you using a magical fertilizer?!!


Bobbi said...

Hi, Wonderful mosaic! Hope you have a lovely new week!

Sharing with Sherri said...

Jane, how did you know?! Yes! he got it from the same place Jack got the magic beans that grew the beanstalk! hee, hee, hee ;)

Actually, I think it was because we finally had some decent rain this year, after three years of drought, and no scorching heat.

Hugs, Sherri:)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Lovely mosaic. How wonderful to have your own almond orchard. A handful of raw almonds with a chocolate soy milk is the perfect afternoon snack. :) Best wishes, Tammy

Melissa Miller said...

That is wonderful news that the almonds are big this year Sherri! They are one of our all time favorite foods hands down. So good and good for us. Love em'! Your orchards are just gorgeous!

Thanks for coming by! I'm so happy you are back to blogging again. ~Melissa :)

Pam said...

Great mosaic. I actually didn't know that almonds grew on trees. Don't know where I thought they came from, but for some reason I never pictured a tree in my mind. So thanks for educating me.

Light and Voices said...

Your collage is put together very creatively. A handful of almonds a day are suppose to be very good for a person. Enjoy!
Joyce M

Ms. Bake-it said...

Almonds are my very favorite nuts! Your mosaic is beautiful as are your almond trees.

~ Tracy

black eyed susans kitchen said...

This is such an awesome post! I have never seen an almond tree before.

Gypsy Heart said...

Sherri, I love these photos! You are so fortunate to have almond trees ~ love, love them. Just so very happy you're back in "blog town" again. :-)


Linda said...

What wonderful photos you took. I love your trees and I love almonds too. That sure was a big one on your special tree.

Francisca said...

Perfect montage for both memes, Sherri. How cute the deer crossing...

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello sweet friend...

Sherri, I was just tickled pink when I seen that you had stopped by for a visit! Thank you sooo very much for the sweet birthday well wishes, my friend! How are you doing? It's been awhile since we have visited! What are you keeping yourself busy with these days? I was just wondering if you help your husband with the almond orchard? Wow...I can't believe the size of those almonds in your mosaic! I remember seeing photos of your orchard that you posted before, but don't recall actually seeing the almonds growing on the tree! I think this is the first time that I've seen them! It really is amazing! In south Texas we had alot of pecan trees. Ohhh...and I know the deer can be hard on the trees, I do hope that your protectors keep them safe! Well sweet friend, it was sooo good hearing from you! I do hope that my note finds you and your family doing well! Thanks for sharing your orchard photos with us...that's all so very interesting! Take care...lots of big hugs!


June said...

Hi Sherri,
The mosaic of your orchard is lovely. I can't believe how big the almonds are??? I remember last year when you shared just how you harvest them (with the tree shaker). Your little trees are doing well it seems, inspite of the things that love to gnaw away at them.
We have had a wonderful Summer here too. It was so late getting started, so maybe our heat wave will be in!

The Paint Splash said...

What beautiful pictures. We have deer here at the lake and they like to eat out of our flower gardens. How wonderful to have almonds Have a blessed week. Hope you can come by for a visit. Debbie

Dawn said...

Wow, I was thinking that was big almond! It has been a nice summer hasn't it? I'm glad to see you posting again. I'm afraid I never made it around to see everyone's roosters. Things got kind of crazy around here this summer and I just couldn't get caught up.

I know October will be a busy time in the orchards but if you have time we'd love to see you our bloggers' luncheon.

vignette design said...

That is one huge almond Sherry! Can't believe it! Hope you are staying cool. We are finally getting a summer! Great mosaic and pictures.
BTW, the Vet charged me also for pain pills, antiseptic spray, collar and office visit. My poor Dexter stepped on a bee, then proceeded to lick his paw until in became infected. Take care, Delores

The Stylish House said...

What a beautiful grove of trees. Do you sell your almond crop? My sister has an apple orchard in Iowa and every fall they’re busy picking. Her husband takes them to a farmers market and they have a roadside stand. She also makes and sells cute handmade items.
Hugs, Cathy

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