Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving~ Sweet Friends!

"I’m Thankful for You"

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time
for focusing on the good in our lives.
In each of our days,
we can find small blessings,
but too often we overlook them,
choosing instead to spend our time
paying attention to problems.

Starting now,
let’s be on the lookout
for the bits of pleasure in each hour,
and appreciate the people who
bring love and light to everyone
who is blessed to know them.
You are one of those people.
On Thanksgiving,
I’m thankful for you.
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving
My Sweet Friends! 
Hugs, Sherri:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Athena Ironstone Fall Tablescape

This will most likely be my last FALL tablescape for the year. 
I must admit that I'm getting hooked on doing tablescapes though! 
They really are sooo much fun!

This tablescape was inspired by these ironstone dishes, the pattern is called Athena.  They are still available at Pier One Imports
The Ironstone centerpiece vase with the little cutouts in it came from "Target".
I'm not sure if it's still available or not.

The berries and greenery in the vase came from a bush in my backyard! 
Don't ask what kind of bush... cuz I don't have a clue what it's called lol!
But it sure has gorgeous orangey colored berries on it this time of year,
and they go excellently with these orange napkins from Kohl's!

Most of the other items are T/S finds of course! 
Including the this wonderful runner and leaf patterned tablecloth.

The beautiful sage green placemats were a gift from my blogging friend Cathy!

I was so excited about finding these beautiful vintage amber colored stemware! 
They are a perfect compliment to the amber tone in the dishware and tablecloth.
This is the dinner plate.
The gold chargers were a gift from several years ago.
I love this yummy smelling mosiac glass candle I bought last year at Kohls,
I do believe they also had them this year as well!
I also love this very cool ELIXER amber glass vintage bottle I found while
treasure hunting!
Of course you know I had to include a Rooster... 
This cute ironstone tureen was another T/S treasure!
One last look! 
Oh, I almost forgot about mentioning the cute little Sun shaped frame
I used as a trivet, I thought it went well with the Star shaped chargers and
added a bit of a Celestial feeling

The cute little ironstone dish and cutout votive holder when put together 
 kinda look like a flower don't they?! 

Well friends I hope you enjoyed your visit today!
As always.. I do love to hear from you!  
So don't forget to leave me a comment!

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  We're supposed to have a cold rainy weekend here,
and I'm looking forward to curling up in front of the fire with my new issue of ... start looking for some inspiration
to start
Decking ~the~ Halls!!  
Decking ~the~ Halls... 
Actually the halls are about the only place
 I don't do any Christmas decorating lol!

What are your plans for the weekend?!
Hope it's a good one!

Hugs, Sherri:)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little Changes in my Master Bath~

Hi there friends!
Making little changes in my home is something I love doing,
and never seem to tire of.

Today I'm showing you some of the changes I've made in the Master bath.

I previously had a large gold framed picture above my tub that I decided to change  with a smaller one without gold frame .
It seems more in scale and doesn't compete so much with my wallpaper.

I also decided that it was time to launder my window treatments, up until now I had only vacuumed them for fear they might not launder well. 
But I had finally made up my mind though that I was just gonna do it,
and if they didn't survive, well then so be it!  
But as it turns out they washed up beautifully!

Then I also decided to remove the blue trim and bow
from the valance that I made for a bit less fussy look. 

Then I discovered that I could also take apart the faucet knobs on the tub
and I repainted the polished brass rings on them with
Krylon's Oil rubbed Bronze spray paint.
The photo above is the way it looked "before".

The light fixture above the mirror was looking a bit dated in the polished brass finish,
so decided to paint them.
It was a subtle change, but I like it!
I just got a piece of newspaper and loosened the fixture a bit to tuck it behind it to keep the paint off the wallpaper.  I used acrylic crafters paint called
Metallic Taupe by "Folkart". 
I used a one inch paint brush and stippled it on like you would a stencil.

Fixtures "after".

I also decided it was time to make a change with this other gold framed picture.

What do you think? 
I'm really happy with how this turned out! 
Much lighter and frenchy looking. 

I got this free vintage picture from the
It started out looking like this..

but then I played with it using my photo editing program until I changed it into shades of blue with touches of green to make it a perfect match for my bathroom wallpaper! 
I also love the fact that it say "Violettes" on it
since my wallpaper and fabric design is called
"Sweet Violets".

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Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful week!
Hugs, Sherri :-)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Embroidered Chenille Table Runner

Just popping in to share with you this
gorgeous rich looking dark brown embroidered chenille table runner
that I spotted the other day at "ROSS". 
It screamed take me home with you! 
So since it was only $9.99
How could I say no!

I gave it a nice home (for now;) here on my dining table...

Love the rich bouillon fringe!

Too bad they only had one or I would have bought two
and made matching place mats to go with it! 
Oh well...that's the way it goes sometimes!

Hope all is well with you and yours!
Are you still enjoying Fall?! 
Or are you all ready to start decorating for Christmas?!
Me,  I'd like to savor Fall just a little bit longer...

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Thanks for stopping by to visit! 
I'm going to go now to get caught up on some visits myself!

Hugs, Sherri:-)
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